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Murder Therapy was built by the group THEY improv to help them approach group therapy and counseling programs. This is because most of what THEY improv does involves corporate events and this field is quite different, as you might imagine. THEY improv has programs that are unique an can help these groups succeed.

The story about the creation and expansion of THEY improv is often requested by our clients.

After all, it's not about the performers of the group, it's about our clients and what THEY need! This goes for the group therapy programs and counseling for a variety of causes.

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Murder Therapy - Mystery Shows to Improve Groups

About THEY improv

they improvthey improvTHEY improv began with Todd Rice, our Director. Todd had worked a variety of jobs in the business world including having been employed by the FAA through Martin-Marietta Air Traffic Systems, by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, worked on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, for a hedge fund in Chicago, and was the CEO of a smaller technology company. All the while he trained and performed at The Second City, Improv Olympic and many other prominent theaters.

Over the years, he made contacts with great performers all over the country and started bringing some of the best performers together to help raise money for charities, calling the shows Comedy With a Cause. These shows started getting larger and companies started taking an interest.

While initially focused in South Florida, the group has expanded and calls upon actors all over the country. THEY improv has worked in all 50 US states, DC and Puerto Rico as well as in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and London, England.

While initially working for entertainment, Todd Rice has always had a knack for finding unique ways to provide team building while having employees smile along the way. This has led to a wide array of options for entertainment, team building and business consulting. Those same programs can have a great impact on the therapeutic market and helping people to connect with one another.

THEY improv has worked with over half of the Fortune 500, has worked with almost all branches of the US Military as well as for the mob (which doesn't exist and we will never say different) and the FBI!

This website represents that expansion into other fields and serves as an entry point for law firms looking to enhance their skills.

In addition to their main site and this one, THEY improv now has Faith-Based Improv, Legal Improv, Destination Team Building, Safety Training, Gala Murders and many other initiatives indicating a bright future yet to come.

Our name is THEY improv. This means that it's never about us. It's what THEY need that we're interested in. Simply contact us if you would like a further explanation of our philosophy.

Locations. We have people already in most major cities around the country or can make arrangements if needed. This includes the top cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte and practically anywhere else you can imagine. We also have access to Canada, Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean if you would like to conduct something while at a retreat. Simply contact us to find out how we can help you.

Contact Us. Contact us by email at or by calling (866) 219-4386.