Murder Mystery Therapy Shows to Enhance Support Groups

THEY improv provides Murder Mystery Therapy Shows to help support groups and other counseling activities. Through participation in an entertaining get-together, participants bond with one another, overcome some issues of anxiety and may learn specific lessons intertwined in the plot of the event.

This page is about the straight murder mystery with our colorful characters interacting with your people and ours leading to a murder and a comedic investigation.

Note: This is not meant as a replacement for any form of therapy and is not a licensed therapeutic product. It is meant as an entertainment form that can be used to entertain and bond members of group therapy programs and possibly illuminate certain valuable facts. There are no guarantees implied and you should always consult professionals if you have any concerns.

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Straight Murder Mystery Therapy Shows to Improve Groups

Role-Playing - Entertainment - Education

they improvThe Straight Murder Mystery is the standard of the industry that everyone understands. It begins with our colorful characters interacting with your people as they arrive. They are joking with your people one-on-one while simply engaging in typical cocktail party kind of behavior. Note: Often without cocktails.

During this period, our people are simply getting out the basic information about who they are and why everyone is attending the event. This is specific to the theme of the party. It could be as simple as mobsters, a millionaire's mansion, a politician's victory party and the like, or can be customized to the group involved in some way. We do usually recommend that the theme be a bit more separated from the group so that no one at the event will believe that we are referring to them or are saying that they might be capable of murderous intent.

Presuming that this is being conducted at a meal, such as a dinner, the people then sit down. Our people now shift gears to have interactions among themselves, usually fights. People witness what is going on and begin seeing the cracks in the relationships. Our people also continue dealing one-on-one with people at the tables as well as potentially presenting some things in front of the entire group.

Towards dessert, the victim will get in front of the group for the death scene. We usually opt for poisonings as it lends itself to intrigue and a gun shot might frighten people in attendance. At that point the detective comes out, though often it is played by the victim. After all, the actor playing the victim isn't dead and there's no reason to spend more money than you have to.

The detective launches into a comedic investigation and playfully asks your people for information about the crime. This allows us to whittle through the people and wind up with the main suspects.

We then have three ways to solve the crime. First, we can solve it ourselves in front of the audience. Second, we can call individuals up from the audience to prosecute the person they think did it. The audience would then applaud for who they thought did the best job from your group. Third, we could have each table come up with their own solution. Rather than reading the answers, we could have them make presentations. This benefits bonding and teamwork. Fourth, each individual can write their own answer.

For winners and fun participants we bring small prizes. We don't want anyone to feel overly upset at not winning. The objective, after all, is to help with self esteem and a sense of camaraderie.

The idea is to help with skills development as the participants have to use cognitive efforts to examine the behavioral issues of our suspects. When we have them exhibit characteristics that reinforce the negative effects of certain learned behaviors, the event can be psychoeducational by helping participants to recognize certain traits and perceive them in a negative light.

If you would like to talk about these shows and how they can help your group, we would love to hear from you.

If you would prefer to find more information about other versions, such as using your people going table to table talking to everyone as suspects, or having everyone participate in a Clue Party, feel free to use the navigation of the website to review our Cambridge Solutions and Clue Parties.

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