What Is Murder Therapy?

Murder Therapy is the brainchild of our Director. The concept is easy, entertain audiences and have the impact of that entertainment help people. It can be as simple as getting people to talk with one another or work together to solve an entertaining crime. It can get more complex such as having the suspects each demonstrating a negative behavior that audience members might identify with. By holding up this image to them, it can reinforce ideas that they are already beginning to see.

It is not meant to start the process for someone, but rather to be for people that are already open to the lessons that the entertainment program would reinforce. So what is Murder Therapy? An entertaining show with extra benefits!

Note: This is not meant as a replacement for any form of therapy and is not a licensed therapeutic product. It is meant as an entertainment form that can be used to entertain and bond members of group therapy programs and possibly illuminate certain valuable facts. There are no guarantees implied and you should always consult professionals if you have any concerns.

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